Hello! How nice that you found me here! I'm Vanessa, I love God, I'm a coach in nutrition, mother and homeschooler of 3. 

I love to share our incredible journey and each day we walk with a lot of grace and a little courage. Here you will find resources about education, nutricão and something that excites me! Thanks for visiting our store! I hope these resources bless you!


Raising children at home is a blessing, but it can seem scary where to start. From my own experience of educating three children at home, I have put together some useful tools that will help you on this incredible yet challenging journey.

Healthy Life

Coach in Fitness and Nutrition, my pleasure is to help you achieve your goal through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. My job is to train you, educate you and allow you to regain control of your health and get out of the diets roller coaster for good, so that you feel confident and look good again in your favorite clothes.

Vanessa Lima 2020