More about Me...

I was born in Lisbon but currently I live in London for almost 12 years. Wife of Stanio Lima and mother of Alicia, Daniel and Ariel Lima.
We are a family that decided homeschooling 3 years ago and it is one of the things I love doing the most. I have grown a lot as a mother and as a person. It's amazing how we are transformed just by "being" with our children.
I'm a Nutrition Coach graduated and passionate about the Flexible Diet.

Our Mission

I believe that our mission is to inspire, help and disciple people. For many years I didn't understand what this meant (I'm still learning) but today I have a clearer idea of God's purpose for my life, I overcome my fears and obey the call.
I love to study and research controversial subjects and many of them unknown to the great majority.
Our mission also includes learning from my neighbor because I believe we all have a call and something unique that only comes from God.

Vanessa Lima 2020